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EasyBeacons‚ ‚ ì The easy to use and design alternative to Molecular Beacons

EasyBeacons‚ are nuclease resistant probes developed by PentaBase‚ to be used in 3-step Real-Time PCR and in situ hybridisations. Like Molecular Beacons, EasyBeacons‚ are quenched when the probes are unbound, but fluoresce at hybridization to a target sequence. However, unlike Molecular Beacons, EasyBeacons‚ do not require an internal stem to be quenched efficiently. The pentabases in EasyBeacons‚ will, by having hydrofobic interactions with each other in the unbound probe, ensure that the quencher and fluorophore are kept in close proximity and hence resulting in an efficiently quenched probe with low background fluorescence. This mechanism of action is temperature independent and thereby increases the working temperature window of the probes and the ease of use significantly.

EasyBeacon‚ differentiator

EasyBeacons‚ are nuclease resistant, and can be used for real-time as well as end-point detection. This is a valuable feature, especially for genotyping almost similar genetic sequences like SNPs and CpG methylation status.

EasyBeacons‚ mechanism

Due to EasyBeacons‚ nuclease resistance, they can also be used for end-point detection or verification of your Real-Time signal. This is a valuable feature, especially if you want to discriminate between almost similar genetic sequences like SNPs or if you want a quality control on your quantification data.

EasyBeacon‚ vs HydrolEasy‚

When the EasyBeacon‚ binds to a complementary target, the fluorophore and quencher are separated allowing the probe to fluoresce. The EasyBeacon‚ is displaced by the polymerase during the PCR. Hence, EasyBeacons‚ can be used for both real-time and endpoint measurements. When the TAQ polymerase meets a HydrolEasy‚ probe, the probe is hydrolysed, releasing the fluorophore from the remaining probe and allowing it to fluoresce to its maximum potential. HydrolEasy‚ Probes are used in real-time PCR and qPCR reactions.

Do you want to test EasyBeacons‚ , we design them for you for free! Just send us an email with your target sequences. It is no problem if you do not have a design already, just send an email with the details that you have.

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