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Product Information

  • Transparent Protective Non-Sterile Face Shield


Size: 33 x 22 cm

Material: Made of Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET)

Color: White Foam


Shipping Information

Cartoon Size: 66 x 35 x 42 cm

Items per box: 5 Pieces/Bag

Items per cartoon: 200 Pieces/Carton

Cartoon Gross Weight: 7.75 Kg

Cartoon Net Weight: 8.85 Kg


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      Aumet; Best Medical Face Shield Supplier

      Face shields are a self-absorbent, filtering dust-proof medical protective article that block secretions, body fluids, blood, and droplets from reaching the facial area and associated mucous membranes of the wearer, prevent the spread of respiratory infectious microorganisms such as the Coronavirus, and filter particles in the air. 

      Aumet’s shields offer different types of protection and have become a popular choice in healthcare facilities due to their anti-fog, anti-glare performance. Aumet’s face shields are comparable to those from the best worldwide face shield dealers, since they are quick and easy to don, and comfortable to wear, these light designs come equipped with a foam band to provide enough room for safety goggles or eyeglasses, and an adjustable elastic band to ensure a snug fit on the head. They also prevent wearers from touching their faces and make it easier to communicate with others, since the mouth is visible.

      The millions of potential users of plastic shields include firefighters, police, pre-hospital emergency medical providers, laboratory workers, veterinary care personnel, dental providers, healthcare workers, and custodial staff dealing with spills and contaminated waste.

      What Does Aumet’s Plastic Face shield Offer?

      • Ultra-thin and super light face shields. No strain, marks, or pain from prolonged wear.
      • Anti-fog technology due to the extreme transparency and hardness of material. Visors treated for anti-fogging, anti-static, and anti-glare properties.
      • Do not scratch easily after alcohol cleaning. When worn in low temperatures, a mild fog may form which fades quickly.
      • Protects mouth, eyes, ears, and nose at 180 degrees, for all-round protection. Full face length with outer edges of the face shield touching up to the point of the ear, including forehead and chin protectors.
      • Fitted with an adjustable cord fastener and a high elasticity foam band for a comfortable fit. Simple to use, easy to don.
      • Extremely popular in healthcare facilities. Can also be worn in public areas, supermarkets, factories, public transport, offices, and metros.
      • Cost effective, disposable face shields
      • CE, FDA, and ISO certified face shield manufacturer.
      • High transparent, 100% optically clear, clear eyesight.

      Aumet Leading The Distribution Of Clear Face Shield Inventory

      Understanding the critical need to protect our front-line healthcare workers in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, and the lack of masks, face shields, and necessary equipment around the globe, we have stepped in to effectively manufacture, distribute and maintain supply of top-notch PPE products that are facing an unprecedented demand. 

      Aumet’s state-of-the-art face shield with mask design offers utmost protection to frontline personnel from sprayed liquid particles, one of the leading causes of the spread of contagious diseases. Being a Wholesale face shield exporter, our plastic face shields are one of the most comfortable shields that are available on the market currently. While nearly all face shields claim to keep you safe by protecting you from droplets and spray, our units are designed with your comfort in mind.

      Our ultra-thin laminate is flexible enough to wrap snugly around the contours of your forehead–preventing strain and pain while protecting the front and sides of your face. The “one-size-fits-all” adjustable straps ensure that the shield does not pinch after prolonged use. The latex free strap can easily be put on and take off when wearing other PPE underneath. If you are looking for medical face shield mask bulk supply, Aumet is the right place to be. 

      Safety Features Of Chemical Face Shield

      • Disposable face shields are only intended for a single use and should be properly discarded.
      • Non-sterile. Recommended to be used in conjunction with additional protective gear according to health guidelines.
      • FDA approved and cleared for sale.
      • Product can be cleaned with peroxide wipes, ammonia, and bleach without discoloring and streaking.
      • If needed the product can be used multiple times by the same user.

      Wholesale Face Shields for Sale!

      Looking to save money on your next batch of medical supplies? Aumet is hands-down the best supplier to get wholesale pricing for all your safety and PPE needs. Because we only take bulk orders, we keep our prices unbelievably low. Even though there is a minimum order amount for the purchase of chemical face shields, we guarantee you the best prices in the market. In this hour of need, our hearts, heads, and hands are unified in responding mightily to help all nations obtain the PPE needed by healthcare workers at the best possible prices, and right on time. 

      Disposable Face Shield Medical Uses

      Face shields are more effective than masks alone in protecting the wearer from viral infections. Masks and other such partial face coverings are often itchy, which makes people touch the mask and their face every so often. This reduces the effectives of the mask, since the mask wearer can contaminate their hands with infected secretions from the nose and throat, or when they touch a contaminated surface, such as a switch board or a door handle, and then touch their face before washing their hands. Not to mention, respiratory viruses can infect a person through the eyes as well, in addition to the mouth and nose. A face shield proves more effective in the spread of infectious diseases since it reduces your chances of rubbing your eyes and nose because it does not cause itchiness. 

      Face Shield Mask FAQs

      What Are Full Face Shields?

      A face shield covers the nose and mouth of the wearer and is widely used in many healthcare facilities. It helps to prevent the spread of infectious diseases and protects medical personnel and patients from a 

      plethora of air-borne viruses and pathogens.  On the other hand, full face shields offer a more comprehensive coverage. As you can guess from the name, they extend over the entire face. These face shields offer wearers complete facial protection from potential risks from infectious substances.

      What Are Face Shield Medical Uses?

       A laboratory face shield is categorized as an adjunctive personal protective equipment, which helps to protect the mucous membranes of the face and surrounding areas including, mouth, nose, and eyes, of healthcare workers against  showering of secretion, spattering of bodily fluids, spraying of blood, and the risk of HIAs. Surgical Face Shields provide over the top, side, and front face protection against fluid-borne pathogens.

      What to Look for in Face shields For sale?

      If you are looking to buy disposable face shield in bulk, it is important to consider certain factors to ensure you get the right product. For instance, a good fit to the neck and head is essential for providing maximum coverage. Similarly, make sure that the face shields can be comfortably worn for protracted periods of time without pinching the skin or causing discomfort. Also make sure that the headband holds the device securely in place and that it does not slip down the head during critical operations. Quality and durability of a face shield is also paramount so that they do not crack or break easily. Lastly, a top-notch face shield is always imbued with an anti-glare, anti-fog technology. No matter where you are working, these contraptions should allow utmost visibility. 

      When To Wear your Face mask with shield? 

      All healthcare workers are expected to don their face shield at all times when at work. In the wake of the covid-19 outbreak, healthcare officials are advised to don their shield as soon as they come in to work. And remove it only at the end of the day, if possible. In addition to providing maximum security, the less frequently you take off your shield during the day, the longer it lasts. If your workplace entrances are equipped with thermal scanners, you may need to take off your shield temporarily to allow unobstructed fever detection. 

      How To Wear A Face Shield The Right Way?

      To minimize the risk of infection and to avoid cross-contamination, protective face gear for medical personnel is essential in medical sectors.Your shield is in the perfect position when it sits approximately 1/2 – 1 inch above the eyebrows, with the shield bottom cascading past your chin. Always wear your face shield with the shield down and never in the “up” position.

      Where Should I Store My Shield At The End Of The Day?

      Ideally, your workplace should allot a dedicate space for storing all your PPE and face shield. If not, its better to store it securely in a plastic bag in your car or somewhere safe at home or in a face shield medical box, out of the reach of children. You can also use your shield at home, while visiting someone who is sick, during a visit to the supermarket or while you are in transit.

      Should I Wear A Surgical Mask With My Face Shield?

      Few medical situations require you to supplement your face shield with a surgical or procedural face mask. These include performing lumber punctures, joint injections, central line dressing changes and operating room cases, or caring for a covid-19 infected or suspected person. 

      If you are not currently performing procedures that require a mask or not interacting with COVID-19 patients a face shield without a mask should suffice. There is no need to wear a mask under your shield when not engaging any of those situations. 

      What To clean my face shield?

      It is a good practice to sanitize your face shield when donning it again. You can use myriad disinfection products to clean your face shields with, such as Sani-Cloth AF3 Wipes, Virex 265 Spray, Sani-Cloth Bleach Wipes, or commercially available disinfection wipes can be used as well. 

      What To Do When Your Face Shield Is Foggy And Hard To See Through?

      Your face shield can build up a ‘film’ over time. In this situation, you can wash your shield with hot water and soap after disinfecting it. This prevents build up from the disinfectant. If washing does not help, it is time to change your face shield. 

      How Long Should The Disposable Face Shields Be Used? 

      You can keep reusing disposable shields as long as they keep their shape and remain intact. If your disposable shield is visibly cracked or breaks, obtain a new one to prevent infection.

      How To Stop The Face Shield From Falling Down Over Your Eyes?

      Is your face shield falling down over your eyes? Perhaps the bolts holding the hinges on the side of the face shield have come loose, which is why the visor is not holding in place. Tighten the bolts and see if the visor stays in place. 

      Where Can I Buy A Medical Face Shield In Australia?

      An unprecedented surge in demand has made it almost impossible to grab face shield mask wholesale anywhere in the world. However, in order to bridge the gap, Aumet has ramped its production to 100K pcs / day. The minimum order required for an online purchase is 5,000 pcs and the delivery time is 7 working days.

      where can I buy a face shields PPE?

      At a time when the world is facing a scarcity of PPE for healthcare providers and front-line soldiers, wholesale face shield exporters like Aumet, have stepped up to bridge the difference. Order online to receive your package within 7 working days.

      Delivery and Order Processing Terms?

      We strive hard to make sure that your face shields are delivered to you at the desired time. Therefore, no claims will be accepted for the order delivery timeliness, in case delivery has been made impossible due to no specified recipient number or in the event of an incorrect delivery address or contact information. All recipients receive a confirmation call once the order is processed, and sometimes again if re-delivery is needed. 

      Payment Terms: We necessitate the full prepayment for your order before it can be accepted.

      Order of Acceptance and Pricing: Due to various reasons, sometimes an order cannot be processed. The site deserves the right to cancel or refuse any order at any given time for any reason. You may be asked to provide additional information or verifications, such as your address and phone number, before the order can be accepted. 


      Face Shield

      Face Shield

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