HydrolEasy‚ synthesis scale Flourophore-quencher group 1



HydrolEasy‚ probes ‚ ì PentaBase‚ great alternative to TaqMan MGB probes

HydrolEasy‚ probes are hydrolysis probes with significantly better signal-to-noise ratio, a higher specificity and a higher sensitivity than conventional probes. When the HydrolEasy probe is intact the fluorophore and the quencher are, in contrast to ‚ ústandard‚ ù TaqMan probes, kept in close proximity by hydrophobic interactions between pentabases. During the amplification reaction the probe hybridizes to the target and exonuclease activity of the polymerase cleaves of the fluorophore from the probe whereby a strong fluorescence signal is generated. The figure below shows how a HydrolEasy‚ probe degrades in the same way as normal TaqMan probes do.
HydrolEasy‚ Probes are developed to provide TaqMan users, TaqMan MGB users and users of other hydrolysis probes with an improved alternative for better signal-to-noise ratio, a higher specificity and sensitivity. A HydrolEasy‚ Probe is a dual-labelled probe, with a standard fluorophore in the 5‚ end and a quencher in the 3‚ end, and added our proprietary pentabases to improve sensitivity, specificity, affinity and signal-to-noise ratio.

HydrolEasy‚ mechanism

We convert your TaqMan MGB designs and standard hydrolysis probe designs into HydrolEasy‚ probes for free! Just send us an email with your sequences. It is no problem if you do not have a design already, just send an email with the details that you have. Please note that TaqMan MGB is a registered trademark of Life Technologies. Our probes do not comprise a minor groove binder, but instead they comprise several pentabases. The pentabases not only increase signal-to-noise ratios, but also increase affinity, specificity and sensitivity.

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